Settling into Belgium

I finally left my quaint little German town and have started a new position in Belgium about a couple of months ago. While I'm not fully settled in, I did have some time to explore the my new home city, Brussels,  as well as some of the neighbouring cities, but maybe that will be for … Continue reading Settling into Belgium

My (very belated) Floppy Hat Day

My little town has a very unique way of celebrating the completion of a Ph.D. Pre-corona times, all the graduates in the last four months along with their families and friends would gather inside a small building inside the city center where the president of the university and some other important people made some extravagant … Continue reading My (very belated) Floppy Hat Day

Random thoughts on a Sunday

The one good thing about lockdowns is that it gives me a bit more time to think and reflect, and I guess also write. Once again, it’s been months since my last entry but with the lack of traveling, there isn’t so much adventurous things to blog about. Instead, I’ll write a bit about my … Continue reading Random thoughts on a Sunday